Making an Impact with the Asian at Ripple Community


Building great products and teams is something Dushyant Acharya has approached with passion in his eighteen months as a Senior Manager in Engineering at Ripple. The road to creating the Internet of Value isn’t linear, but Dushyant navigates with commitment and enthusiasm.

“I absolutely love everyone I work with, especially my team,” says Dushyant. “They make me wake up in the morning and feel excited about my work.”

Dushyant gravitates toward endeavors that make a lasting influence on others, starting with his engineering teams—Engineering Productivity and Development Operations—and onward to people around the world who are impacted by Ripple’s products. 

Although engineers don’t always have the opportunity to see the real-world effects of what they’ve built, he and many other Ripple employees who share similar immigrant backgrounds and have sent money abroad are able to witness firsthand how Ripple is alleviating major pain points in cross-border payments.

“We are building a product that actually makes this easier, from days to hours to minutes to seconds,” Dushyant explains. “And I think that’s the incredible impact we can have on actual people’s lives.”

Earlier this year, Dushyant took on the important role of supporting the company’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) Asian at Ripple as a Global Lead. Since starting this position, Dushyant has been able to not only bring meaningful support for Ripple’s Asian employees on a global scale but has also brought all Ripplers together to celebrate the many diverse heritages within the organization.

Dushyant also brings thoughtful insights to navigating potential challenges for young professionals, noting that looking back on career progression and having the courage to remain honest is an essential driver to both personal and professional growth.

“The career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You cannot win if you’re not true to yourself.” 

With the help of our ERG efforts, Ripple encourages all employees to be their most genuine selves in an environment that welcomes diverse backgrounds and thought.

Take the lead with Dushyant and other Ripplers to embrace and leverage individual identity on your career journey. Learn more about our ERGs, culture and open roles.

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