NYC mayor releases plans for responsible AI usage in local government


The administration of New York City Mayor Eric Adams released a plan for the adoption and regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) within the local government, along with a new integration into city applications. 

On Oct. 16, the administration released an update saying it is developing a framework through which city agencies can “carefully” evaluate AI tools and their risks. The framework is also designed to help build government employees’ knowledge and skills of AI technologies and improve life quality for local residents.

According to the announcement the plan will include 37 “key actions,” of which 29 are said to begin or be completed within the next year.

Some of the goals of the plan include an established framework for AI governance, an AI advisory network, preparing city officials with AI knowledge and skills and the publication of an annual AI progress report.

Mayor Adams commented that while the technology presents opportunities for the government to “more effectively deliver” for its citizens, they also must be “clear-eyed” about its risks.

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Wrapped up in the announcement of a forthcoming AI framework, was the update to its MyCity Business platform to include the first pilot of NYC’s first citywide AI chatbot. The feature will help answer questions regarding opening or operating a business.

Maria Torres-Springer, the city’s deputy mayor for housing, economic development and workforce, commented on the chatbot implementation calling it an “important milestone” to make the government more accessible to everyone.

“Through the creation of this simple, easy-to-use tool, we are removing barriers to city resources that have the potential to positively impact small businesses across New York.”

The new AI chatbot will be able to source information from over 2,000 NYC business-related web pages to be able to provide information on compliance with codes and regulations, available business incentives, and best practices to avoid violations and fines.

In September, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said it plans to build and deploy its own ChatGPT-style AI bot to be used for investigations.

Gary Gensler, the chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), has also admitted that the SEC uses AI technologies for monitoring the financial sector for signs of fraud and manipulation.

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